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City.With.Out.Door New Store New Climbing Wall

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This new climbing wall is built in our new CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR  concept store, conveniently located at Causeway Bay. CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR  is a mini-nature park where you can play, experience, shop and relax on our grassy camp ground. 

“Climber Bouldering” is available everyday for you to escape from your busy work during lunch break, tea time or after work at night. To guarantee the space your own and your privacy, please enquire our staff before you come.


G/F, Lai Chi Building, No.44 & 48 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, HK (at Leighton Lane, beside PCCW building)

Opening Hours: 11:00-21:00

Tel: 2512 6099


CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR Climbing Zone Points to Note & Safety Policies

Points to Note:

1.      Typhoon signal and rainstorm warning arrangement

a)      If Hong Kong Observatory announced that black rainstorms, typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisting 2 hours before the start of the time session, all time sessions will be cancelled. Make-up time sessions will be arranged for those who paid in advance.

b)      If the black rainstorms or Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is removed before 16:30, all unfinished sessions will proceed as usual.

c)      If black rainstorms, typhoon signal No. 8 or above is started after the commencement of the time session, CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR will arrange the applicants to leave or remain in a safe place. In this case, no make-up time session will be arranged.

d)      The above arrangements are for general reference only and CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR reserves the right of final decision in any case. In any case, applicants should consider the weather, roads and traffic in each region, and decide whether to travel to the event location. In this case, no make-up session will be arranged to the absentee. CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR  reserves the right to decide and arrange all activities.

2.      Refund – no refund or indemnity under any circumstances.

3.      Please reserve 15 minutes for signing the waiver.

4.      Absence: If the applicant does not appear during the purchased time session, no refund and no make-up session will be arranged. In case of any dispute, CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR reserves the right of final decision.


Safety Policies: 

  1. All climbers and belayers must read and complete the waiver. Minors under the age of 18 must have the waiver completed and signed by their parent/guardian. 
  2. For climbers who book Climber Bouldering to climb on their own should be experienced climber either being trained at regular bouldering class, or with Level 1 sport climbing certificate. In case of doubt, CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR reserves rights to request climbers to pass our fall test.
  3. Anyone new to climbing is not allowed to book Climber Bouldering to climb on their own, and has to take Beginner Fun Climb to learn the basic skills.
  4. Parents must be present when children are between 4 to 11 years old during open climbing.
  5. NO crocs, sandals, open-toed shoes or bare feet. Shirts and rock shoes are required at all times. Rental rock shoes are available at store's cashier.
  6. Please trim your nails before climbing to prevent injury.
  7. Before climbing, remove ornaments or hard objects: such as watches, hand choke, ring and cell phone, etc.
  8. Do not stay on the mat if not climbing.
  9. Do not place anything on the mat.
  10. No loose chalk, please use chalk balls which must be put in chalk bag. Do not put chalk ball on the mat.
  11. Stretching exercises, such as the forearm, shoulders, back, waist and feet, are suggested before and after climbing.
  12. Climbing or traversing beneath another climber is prohibited.
  13. Make sure you have learned how to fall to the mat in a way to avoid injury.
  14. After completing the climb, make sure that no one is below you before falling to the mat.
  15. Each route / wall area can only accommodate one person for climbing at the same time.
  16. If there is someone climbing on the wall, please wait outside the mat.
  17. Gum, profanity, food and drinks are not allowed on or around the climbing wall.
  18. Altering the route or removing the route stickers on the climbing wall are not permitted.
  19. Tightening, loosening, or moving holds is not permitted.
  20. Please report any loose holes, bad wear spots on ropes, and anything else you may believe is a safety hazard so we can correct it.
  21. All incidents, accidents, wall damage and equipment damage MUST be reported to a CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR staff member immediately.
  22. All climbers MUST abide by the judgments of the CITY.WITH.OUT.DOOR staff.

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