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Uvex is one of the major brands to have helped write the industry’s history, not only in Germany, but also the entire world. The first safety eyewear created by Philipp M. Winter was designed for labourers. They protected the eyes from metal fragments and sparks, when drilling, machining or welding, for example.  Nowadays, Uvex eyewear products are especially famous at the Olympic games. Let’s see Summer 2017 new arrivals!

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Icebug and Meindl special offers from 1/7 to 31/7/2017.

Redeem a pair of selected shoes at 35% off upon purchase of any Clothing or Bag categories at PROTREK retail stores. Members can enjoy further discounts, please inquire shop staff. Speical Offer available at PROTREK retail stores only.

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SUPERFEET focus on supporting the rearfoot as it is where the majority of foot motion originates. Each joint must maximize its work capacity in order for your foot to work efficiently. SUPERFEET help the Midtarsal joint stabilize your foot, so the Subtalar Joint can act as an effective shock absorber, while restoring full function to your 1st Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint, helping you propel forward. 
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LUNA sandals are American Made products that have a focus on quality and community. The LUNA Sandals are created, designed, tested, assembled, and made in Seattle. They do their best to ensure the raw materials that go into LUNA sandals are the highest quality, most ethical choice, and whenever possible sourced in the U.S.
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SmartWool performance and casual socks made in the USA start with the world’s finest Merino. Then the best designers and skilled craftsman bring them to life, creating extraordinarily comfortable socks.  SmartWool always give you solution when you encounter problems on your feet.

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25 May / 2017

Summer Days Summer Gear

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It is summer time, put on summer wear to enjoy the sunshine! To prevent suffering from heat stroke and sun burn, we have good choices of gear for outdoor activities!

Let your feet breathe, grasp a pair of comfortable sandals or flip flop, enjoy a summer day outing!

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