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10% Coupon for New Registered Account  |  How to Redeem Coupon


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It is our pleasure to provide volunteering instructor service to the special talented people to go outdoors. The first outing was launched in early November 2016.  Though it was our first time to take the challenge to help these target groups who are mentally handicapped, it was successful. Indeed, they may have various special talents which the general public haven’t noticed. That’s why we would like to address them as the special talented people.


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In Spring/Summer 2016, Haglöfs is introducing its INTENSE range of products in a brand new colour scheme. Let's start from its eye-catching shoes!


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11 May / 2016


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Misu bottles and cups are originated from USA, with a mission of Protecting Where We Play. Either buying a Mizu bottle at PROTREK retail store or ordering your own customized bottles, it means that you are saying no to disposable bottles.  To take a further step, we donate 3% of the proceeds from the bottles you buy at any of our Bottless@Protrek counters.  This donation is to fund the Bottless Movement in Hong Kong. At the same time, Mizu supports a variety of environmental and humanitarian charities that are committed to Protecting Where We Play. Just buy a bottle, you are doing good to both local and overseas environment. Read more below to learn more about Mizu.  

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Under the Plenti-Bonus Points Programme, PROTREK members can earn 1 bonus point for every dollar you spend at PROTREK stores and eshop for gift redemption. Please enjoy the irresistible redemption for a wide range of products now!

Redemption Form is available at all PROTREK retail stores ; or by email on request.

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