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SOTO-Regulator Stove+Lava Rock Package

Brand: SOTO
Product Code: ST-310+ST-3102
Reward Points: 80
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Price: HKD 799

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SOTO-Regulator Stove

Useful stove for the outdoor activities, e.g. wild camping, barbecue (for cooking only)

Weight: 350 g (body only)
Size (when in use): 17.0(W) x 15.0 (D) x 11.0 (H) cm
Size (Storage): 14.0 (W) x 7.0 (D) x 11.0 (H) cm
Heat quantity:2.9kw(2500kcal, ST-760 usage time)
Use time (approx.): 1.5 hours (ST-760 use)
Use fuel-:SOTO vessel (ST-760, 700)
Ignition: piezo ignition
Accessories: storage case

Lava Rock Grill Plate

Use heat conduction to reserve the food juicy, it can be absorbed the extra fat from food, then, the food to be more healthier and calorie may be lost a little bit
** Please kindly read the manual instruction carefully when you use, especially the use method, cleaning or etc. **

Weight: 1 kg
Material: lava stone
Dimension: 14.0(W) x 14.0(D) x 2(H) cm
Accessories: stainless steel heat shield

the plate is used Lava Rock have the plenty of mineral, then, it can be make the food fresh and delicious
seldom to make the food over-heated or over-cooked
use the small fire will be fine
Manual is shown for reference only, this product is not INCLUDED CYLINDER OF GAS.

Manual instruction (all step is referred the instruction into the packing):
1. Put the stainless steel heat shield (MUST need to use “heat shield” AND it CANNOT to fire the “Lava Rock Grill Plate “ DIRECTLY
2. Put the Lava Rock Grill Plate
3.Brush the oil onto the Lava Rock Grill Plate evenly
4. Ignit the Regulator Stove
5. Use the big fire to heat 5 mins, then, to adjust the fire to be smaller
6. Don’t put any sauce to cook, only cook the food is original will be fine
7. Any meat or vegetables can be used the Lava Rock Grill Plate to cook
8. If some oil / fat to be dropped at the floor/ table, you can use the aluminmum paper to collect (refer the picture)
9. If you found some over-burnt sticked on the Lava Rock Grill Plate, you wait 30 minutes later and get cooler. You can use shovel to clean it (don’t make the damage on the surface of “Lava Rock Grill Plate “)
10. DON”T use chemical detergent to clean the Lava Rock Grill Plate, use the hot water to clean is fine (if you use the chemical detergent to clean, it afraid that the chemical is remained into the “Lava Rock Grill Plate”, it will be make dangerous to cook at next time/ future)