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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible outdoor shop, PROTREK pays much attention and efforts to environmental protection. To balance the impact to the outdoor environment derived from the healthful mountain activities, we do care the products from responsible manufacturers, internal cares, staff trainings, outdoor  education to the general public, encouragement on socially responsible consumption, etc.

Social Conscience

To carry the mission through to the end, we have been supporting different various non-profit making organizations and social welfare organizations. We also employ the vulnerable so that they can adapt themselves to the society. In view of the efforts in the social responsibility, PROTREK has been continuously awarding the “caring company” logo since 2002.

         Caring Company

Brand Conscience

Brand Conscience is one of the most important considerations to PROTREK while selecting the imported product brands. The manufacturers we cooperated must implement practices on social conscience in the production process; such as environmental protection, employee welfare and even in the animal treatment. We encourage customers to spend on products from HAGLÖFS, VAUDE and SMARTWOOL so as to help our environment indirectly. Besides, most of the products we offer are globally certified by many industrial standards with quality and durability. Not only can this be a benefit to customers, but can also reduce wastes in the society.

Haglofs Blue Sign product Fair Wear Foundation Haglofs Take Care Label Vaude Green Shape guaranteed eco product


Outdoor Education

PROTREK concerns a lot on retail service teams training. We have regular trainings disseminating positive attitudes, environmental care messages to our staffs and customers, especially on the topics of wildlife, shark fins, plastic wastage, disposable goods, camping food residues, etc. Through daily communication, we hope to enhance their awareness upon the importance of environmental ethics which can finally inspire their social groups and spread out the messages.

We believed that positive values need education and actual practices. Launching family outdoor activities can educate kids to respect and protect the nature since their childhood. We are willing to subsidize these training courses in the purpose of public participation in well-planned and instructor-organized outdoor activities. The ultimate goal is to provide safe environment for the kids while enjoying outdoor courses; meanwhile to reduce mountain accidents.

Map Reading and Navigation Skills Training Night Orienteering to train the Kids in the dark outdoor environment Kids from age 2 to 6 under instructors' guiding on simple navigation skills

External Environmental Practices

We have implemented the “No Plastic Bag” policy and we encourage customers to bring their own shopping bag by providing various kinds of recycled shopping bags.

Upon consideration of sponsorship and partnership, those who adhere to environmental care and sustainability will be our essential concern, such as good management of waste treatment and disposable goods.

We have been implementing electronic membership service instead of printing plastic membership card and printed materials. This is to reduce plastic and paper consumption.

Internal Cares

Care our staff and impose environmental measures internally:

  • Care our staff – paid parental care leave, early release every month, flexible working time, and paid travel leave for self-help travelling to encourage indepency. Our Home Office policy has been implementing for many years!
  • To carry out energy saving period in warehouse daily operation – enhance efficiency of energy consumption by executing energy saving period in warehouse’s daily operation.
  • To reduce prints – use electronic material as substitute for papers and prints to reduce paper consumption.
Protrek staff training at AYP Sai Kung Climbing Training and Task kayaking training in Sai Kung
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