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Member Privileges

1.Year-Round Discounts on regular-priced and non-fixed price products at all Protrek O2O stores:
Offline: Branch stores - Protrek, City.With.Out.Door, Haglöfs;
Online: eshops - Protrek, City.With.Out.Door.

a) Pre-member: Offline 5% off, Online 14.5% off;
b) Sapphire and Ruby member: Offline 15% off, Online 23.5% off;
    Diamond member: Offline 20% off, Online 28% off.
c) Automatic Upgrade:
Pre-member upgrade to Ruby member: $5,000 purchase in continuous 3 months;
Sapphire and Ruby member upgrade to Diamond member: $15,000 purchase in any 3 months.
d) You have priority to purchase our special offered items and limited Inventories. Each time, you will get the first hand information. Meanwhile, you may enjoy more discounts than non-members.

2. P Dollars
Pre-member: Spend HK$1 to earn 1 P Dollar;
Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond member: Spend HK$1 to earn 3 P Dollars;

P Dollars are redeemable at time of product purchase towards the amount of your order at all Protrek O2O stores including branch stores and eshop. This is not applicable to redeem events. For every 250 P Dollars, you can deduct HK$1 upon purchase of any products.

3. Birthday Month Offer
Apart from year-round member discounts, you can enjoy extra birthday delights. This is not applicable to Pre-member.

4. We share Bonus with You
You will have chance to enjoy Patronage Refunds Bonus when achieving certain spending every financial year: money back based on your annual spending at all stores under Protrek group. The percentage share of refund will be varied every year depending on the gain we yield in the last financial year. Announcement will be made within one month from 31 March every year. This is not applicable to Pre-member.

5. Latest News
Protrek member can get promotion news to enjoy prior purchase of our special offered items and limited inventories, and will be invited to Protrek VIP event and Haglöfs private sale event. Higher levels of membership are entitled higher priorities of invitation when there are private VIP events.

6. Outdoor Activities & Training Courses
Protrek member have priority to be informed about our indoor and outdoor activities.

7. Friend Referral Rewards
Without any purchase, just log in to your account and fill in friends' email. We will invite them to register. For each successful registration, your friend will get HK$50 eshop coupon and you will earn 1,000 P Dollars. For the first purchase transaction over HK$200 from your friend, you will further earn 10,000 P Dollars. That means you can gain products valued HK$440 for free! Member must log in to member account on Protrek eshop and input the email of the referral friend on [My Invitation] page in [My Account]! Please note that if there are duplicated member accounts due to referral action, we will combine them into one account. This is not applicable to Pre-member.

Terms & Conditions

Protrek Membership (“the Membership”) is managed by Protrek Company Limited (the “Company”). Membership is governed by the rules set below. These rules are intended to protect the member of Protrek Membership (the “Member”) and the Membership. Further information can be obtained by contacting us.

1. Eligibility
1.1 Any customer who meets our requirement will be invited to join the Membership. Application of Protrek Sapphire Member will require the Member to pay for a one-time fee. In any circumstances, all fees will not be refunded.

1.2 Upon enrolment, an account will be established in the name of the Member.
a) All the purchases will be recorded in this account for any future loyalty programme.
b) All purchase records of the Member will be accumulated and reviewed currently by the Company, to decide whether the Member is eligible to be upgraded to a higher level of membership.

1.3 Membership Privileges
a)Entitled to enjoy member discount subject to and in accordance with the rules set by the Membership. The Member must tell his/her name, phone number or member number (any two sets of this information) before payment. To enjoy member discount or apply for the rewards of any Privileged Program, the Member may be requested to provide identification documents.
b)Member discount is not applicable to fixed-price items; include Government map, GPS and Pocari powder. Member can get better offer on special sale items. The offers are subject to change without prior notice. Updated news can be found in shops or website.
c)Entitled to Rewards subject to and in accordance with any Privileged Programme and other applicable provisions for the specified Programme.

1.4 In case of failure to follow Rules, abuse of membership privileges, misconduct to the interests of the Membership and the Company, misrepresentation of information furnished to the Membership or the Company, the Company reserves the right for final decision.

1.5 The Company will review each membership periodically, and reserves the right to renew or terminate the Membership.

2. General Conditions
2.1 The Company reserves the right to change or terminate all the privileges, or to change the rules, regulations, benefits, eligibility of participation, in whole or in part, without prior notice. Thus, the Company reserves the right to withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any benefits.

2.2 The Member ‘if’ participates in the Company’s outdoor activity, shall be responsible for clearly understanding that there may be unforeseen dangers, as well as the content and the rules of the activity. Participant shall apply by filling the application form, and signing the disclaimer and indemnity. Participant shall comply with the Company’s instruction, and cannot withdraw halfway without instructor’s consent. Participant shall take part in the event entirely on his/her own risks, his/her shall comply to all relevant rules and regulations and other ad hoc arrangement or decisions made by the Company, and responsible for any accident of whatever kind, resulting in death, injury, or any damage to loss or destruction of personal properties during the course of the event, will not hold the co-presented organizations. Participant shall indemnify or reimburse the Company in respect of any additional costs arising from or in connection with the related participation in the event. Participant shall inform the Company for the withdrawal halfway, if necessary, an agreement have to be signed by the participant before his/her withdrawal, stating that he/she will be responsible for all the risk and will not hold the Company and the co-presented organizations. Participant is not allowed to accompany any non-participant to attend the activity. Participant if violates the above rules and regulations, shall be instantly terminated by the Company, and all paid fee are not refundable. The Company reserves the right to claim for all unpaid fee.

2.3 The member shall be responsible for remaining knowledgeable as the Terms & Conditions. The Company shall transmit/announce various matters of interest through e-mail or Facebook, but the Company shall have no liability for any failure to do so. If the Member needs to update the personal information, Member can do the following:
a) update personal information directly by login to online member account; OR
b) fill in the personal information updating form at any Protrek branch stores; OR
c) write to membership department by email : info@protrek.com.hk

3. Other Privileged Program
Certain Rewards may be available to the Member in accordance with other Privileged Program. Other procedures and conditions for redemption of each Reward are set out in the relevant document provided to the Member on redemption.

4. Personal Data
4.1 The Membership has been developed in accordance with the main provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance 1997 of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The ordinance provides data subjects with right to ascertain whether the Company holds personal data relating to them, to obtain a copy of that data (photocopy may subject to service fee), and to correct any data that is inaccurate. The entire member’s data collected by the Company is provided by the Member. Personal identification or financial account data exclusive. The data will be stored at the office or the server of the Company. Through the Online Member account, the Member can check and modify personal data and the data will be updated at once.

4.2 Personal data collection statement
The Company may from time to time collect the Member’s personal data specific for the purpose of event or activities organized or promoted by it. The Member is not required to provide the data. However, if the Member have not provide the data as requested, the Member’s entry from or application from (as the case may be) will not be counted or processed or be eligible for the associated lucky draw or promotional activities. The Company may use data collected and provided by the Member for one or more of the following purposes:
a) To identify the Member for entry into lucky draw or any other promotional activities.
b) To contact the Member regarding his/her inquiries. Notify the results of lucky draw or promotional activities and the subsequent presentation or redemption arrangement.
c) For announcement and publicity of lucky draw or promotional activities result.
d) For marketing and promotion purposes.
e) For identification and verification purposes.
f) For the Membership’s internal records, research and statistical purposes.
g) For any other purpose pertaining to the Membership.

4.3 Data collected will only be used for the above purposes. Under all circumstances, the Company will not disclose any member’s personal data to third party without any prior notification.

4.4 The Member may opt-out from receiving direct marketing information at any time, free of charge, by clicking the unsubscribe link in those emails or SMS. Naturally your participation is completely voluntary. If you opt-out, we may still send you non-promotional emails, such as emails about your membership or regular business relationship.

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