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Founded in 1992, PROTREK has been through many unforgettable issues such as Hong Kong’s return to China, the millennium bug, and SARS. We have experienced life together in different centuries!

Over the years, our mission has never changed, “To run a sustainable outdoor business under Win-Win situation”; with our service, staff, customers, and community, we are bound for further improvements.

In for all intents and purposes all regions of business, it is basic to impart in manners that customers, workers, and the open can get it. Promoting advances must be understandable, item guarantees must be fathomable, and work guidelines must be expressed plainly enough to be pursued. It is in light of a legitimate concern for the dealer, the publicizing essayist, and the legal counselor to ensure that their composing is clear. Luckily for the individuals who must peruse and decipher correspondence in business and the callings, there have been deliberate endeavors to improve that correspondence as of late, you can try these out yourself and make sure that writing don't have to give you struggle moments. This review presents subtleties of a portion of those endeavors. Agents are probably not going to pay attention to language rearrangements endeavors if their bosses don't take an interest. For an example of reliably clear, reasonable correspondence to flourish in a given organization, those in the largest amounts of the board must exhibit through their own behavior that improved correspondence is a top need of the whole association (Williams 1986). Simultaneously, associations that grasp plain English seem to profit by better inside correspondence and improved advertising. Without a doubt, a certifiable faith in legit and responsive correspondence ought to be fundamental to an organization's qualities and culture. Plain English is one approach to accomplish this objective.


PROTREK’s three founders grew up in squatter areas, without any golden key, high academic degree and capital for business.  They were also lack of knowledge in how to run a business. In the first three years of the store opening, they have been through many hard times. Many friends don’t know that PROTREK started from a small store inside an old building’s attic in Yau Ma Tei. You had to go up some narrow stairs before finding it, which made moving products a big hassle! Business wasn’t going well, from burglaries to overflowing plumbing issues. The founders have to take turns on duty day and night, no matter cleaning the store, managing accounting, moving stocks up and down, anything emergency! They had difficult times though, they need to persist of what they want. Everyone had nothing at the very beginning! Someone said it is typical hongkongers’ spirit to strive for success. Furthermore, this showed the founders' perseverance as they were trained as outdoor coaches, while applying the leadership experience to lead the company.

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