Grace Leung - Ultra Tour Monte Rosa 170KM 4-Stage(UTMR)

Grace works in an office.  In 2010, she participated in the 10km race in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon by chance. She gradually found her interest in running and devoted herself into running. She continued to challenge herself in the next few years with long distance competitions in which she won many awards. She  also participated in mountain races in all scales . In recent years, she has shifted her focus to foreign long-distance mountain races while she still can complete more than 30 marathons around the world. Her personal best is 3 hours and 33 minutes (Tokyo Marathon 2016). She participated in Hong Kong's 12-hour Super Marathon  in 2015 and finished in the third place of Hong Kong Women with a record of completing 96 kilometer. She has participated in the popular UTMF (170KM in Japan) ,UTMB (170KM in France) , French TDS 120KM, the Italian LUT 120KM and the Swiss EIGER 101KM . She has become one of the pilars among women trail runners in Hong Kong. In order to further challenge herself, Grace has also begun her Ironman life in recent years and becoming a 113-kilometer half-iron man.

Ultra Tour Monte Rosa 170KM 4-Stage(UTMR) 2018

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